Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Studying Virtual Math Teams now in paperback

Studying Virtual Math Teams by Gerry Stahl is an in-depth (over 600 pages) report on a current CSCL research effort. In 28 chapters by the editor and leading CSCL researchers from around the world, the book covers the project vision, technology, methodology, findings, case studies and theoretical conclusions. It presents a wealth of innovative ideas and approaches. It has enough material for a semester-long course on topics related to CSCL, educational technology, analysis of collaborative environments, etc.

Until now, this volume of the Springer CSCL book series was only available in hardbound for $179 or more. It is now available in paperback for $49.95 and can be ordered at:
The hardbound version is now available for under $55 from several sellers through Amazon.

CSCL 2011 call for papers and reviewers

CSCL 2011 in Hong Kong

Reminder: Papers are due November 1, 2010!

Reviewers are needed to review the submissions in November and December. Please contact the conference organizers to volunteer.

Plan to come to the conference in June.

Conference website:

ijCSCL issue for December 2010

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (ijCSCL)
Volume 5, Number 4, December 2010

Beyond folk theories of CSCL

Gerry Stahl * Friedrich Hesse

Can the interactive whiteboard support young children’s collaborative communication and thinking in classroom science activities?

Ruth Kershner * Neil Mercer * Paul Warwick * Judith Kleine Staarman

Sharing and cultivating tacit knowledge in an online learning environment

Meng Yew Tee * Dennis Karney

Using activity theory to understand intergenerational play: The case of family quest

Sinem Siyahhan * Sasha A. Barab * Michael Downton

The collaborative construction of chronotopes during computer-supported collaborative professional tasks

Maria Beatrice Ligorio * Giuseppe Ritella