Sunday, November 18, 2007

First issue of year three of ijCSCL

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (ijCSCL)
Volume 3, Number 1, March 2008

The many levels of CSCL
Gerry Stahl & Friedrich Hesse

The mechanics of CSCL macro scripts
Pierre Dillenbourg & Fabrice Hong

What does it mean? Students' procedural and conceptual problem solving in a CSCL environment designed within the field of science education
Ingeborg Krange & Sten Ludvigsen

A Community of practice among tutors enabling student participation in a seminar preparation
Bernhard Nett

The need for considering multilevel analysis in CSCL research - An appeal for the use of more advanced statistical methods
Ulrike Cress

Group awareness and self-presentation in the information-exchange dilemma
Joachim Kimmerle & Ulrike Cress