Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ijCSCL issue for March 2015

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Volume 10 * Number 1 * March 2015
From the editors:
Collaboration and the formation of new knowledge artifacts
Sten Ludvigsen * Gerry Stahl * Nancy Law * Ulrike Cress

Constructing liminal blends in a collaborative augmented-reality learning environment
Noel Enyedy * Joshua A. Danish * David DeLiema

The new information literate: Open collaboration and information production in schools
Andrea Forte

An integrated way of using a tangible user interface in a classroom
Sebastien Cuendet * Jessica Dehler-Zufferey * Giulia Ortoleva * Pierre Dillenbourg

 Whoa! Were going deep in the trees!: Patterns of collaboration around an interactive information-visualization exhibit
Pryce Davis * Michael Horn * Florian Block * Brenda Phillips * E. Margaret Evans * Judy Diamond * Chia Shen

Appropriation of a representational tool in a second-language classroom
Yun Wen * Chee-Kit Looi * Wenli Chen


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