Thursday, November 06, 2014

ijCSCL issue for December 2014

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Volume 9 * Number 4 * December 2014

Analyzing roles of individuals in small-group collaboration processes
 Gerry Stahl * Nancy Law * Ulrike Cress * Sten Ludvigsen

Toward collaboration sensing 

Bertrand Schneider * Roy Pea

Different leaders: Emergent organizational and intellectual leadership in children’s collaborative learning groups 

Emma M. Mercier * Steven E. Higgins * Laura da Costa

 “Newbies” and “celebrities”: Detecting social roles in an online network of teachers via participation patterns 

H. Smith Risser * SueAnn Bottoms

 “So I guess my question is”: What is the role of uncertainty and its co-occurrence with learning in computer-mediated discourse? 

Michelle E. Jordan * An-Chih Janne Cheng * Diane Schallert * Kwangok Song * SoonAh Lee * Yangjoo Park


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