Friday, April 25, 2014

ijCSCL issue for June 2014

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Volume 9 * Number 2 * June 2014

Dialogic foundations of CSCL
Gerry Stahl * Ulrike Cress * Sten Ludvigsen * Nancy Law

PolyCAFe: Automatic support for the polyphonic analysis of CSCL chats
Stefan Trausan-Matu * Mihai Dascalu * Traian Rebedea

Disengaged students and dialogic learning: The role of CSCL affordances
Benzi Slakmon * Baruch B. Schwarz

Attending to others’ posts in asynchronous discussions: Learners’ online “listening” and its relationship to speaking
Alyssa Friend Wise * Simone Nicole Hausknecht * Yuting Zhao

Preventing undesirable effects of mutual trust and the development of skepticism in virtual groups by applying the knowledge and information awareness approach
Tanja Engelmann * Richard Kolodziej * Friedrich W. Hesse