Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Using CSCL tools to build the CSCL & ISLS community

The new president of ISLS, Prof. Marcia Linn, is spearheading an effort to build the community of CSCL and learning sciences researchers between conferences through the use of CSCL tools.

ISLS is the International Society of the Learning Sciences. It was organized to sponsor and support the CSCL and ICLS conference series and the two related journals, ijCSCL and JLS (Journal of the Learning Sciences). Membership in ISLS is included in registration at the CSCL and ICLS conferences, or through

We are interested in ideas, technologies and pilot efforts to support the community online. In particular, we are interested in ways to prepare for specific activites at the CSCL conference in Rhodes, Greece, this June. These activities include workshops, tutorials, seminars, panels, doctoral consortium, early career, papers, posters, etc. How can we take advantage of online technologies to support these activities before, during and after the conference?

If you have ideas or suggestions for this effort, either add a response to this posting or email or

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Doug Holton emailed me (because comments were not working on this blog):

I created a learning sciences discussion/announcements group here:

And for the open education conference, we used a site called Crowdvine to link together blogs, profiles, pictures, and so forth: