Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ijCSCL issue for June 2015

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Volume 10 * Number 2 * June 2015
The core features of CSCL: Social situation, collaborative knowledge processes and their design
Ulrike Cress * Gerry Stahl * Sten Ludvigsen * Nancy Law
The impact of hierarchical positions on communities of learning
Martin Rehm * Wim Gijselaers * Mien Segers
Peer interaction and social network analysis of online communities with the support of awareness of different contexts
Jian-Wei Lin * Li-Jung Mai * Yung-Cheng Lai
Fixed group and opportunistic collaboration in a CSCL environment
Tuya Siqin * Jan van Aalst * Samuel Kai Wah Chu
An integrated way of using a tangible user interface in a classroom
Sebastien Cuendet* Jessica Dehler Zufferey * Giulia Ortoleva * Pierre Dillenbourg


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