Thursday, August 21, 2008

ijCSCL issue for December 08

International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (ijCSCL)
Volume 3, Number 4, December 2008

CSCL practices
Gerry Stahl * Friedrich Hesse

Leveraging online communities in fostering adaptive schools
David Hung * Denneth Lim * Victor Chen * Thiam Seng Koh

The right tool for the wrong task? Match and mismatch between first and second stimulus in double stimulation
Andreas Lund * Ingvill Rasmussen

Exploring embedded guidance and self-efficacy in educational multi-user virtual environments
Brian Nelson * Diane Ketelhut

Alternative goal structures for computer game-based learning
Fengfeng Ke

Automatic coding of communication in collaboration protocols
Gijsbert Erkens * Jeroen Janssen

CSCL 2009 Conference in Rhodes, Greece

The CSCL 2009 international conference on the theme “CSCL Practices” will be held in Rhodes, Greece, on June 8-13, 2009. Paper submissions are due November 1 and workshop/tutorial proposals are due December 15. For conference information, see
The conference focuses on issues related to formal and informal learning through collaboration, promoting productive collaborative interactions with the help of the computer and other communication technologies. The conference theme “CSCL Practices” emphasizes practices relating to technology-based collaborative learning in schools, workplaces, and daily life.

The CSCL community is not only concerned with studying and designing effective tools to support CSCL practices, but also with identifying specific educational and professional practices that are associated with their appropriate usages. In order to study practices in a reflective way, powerful theories and analytical approaches are required. The aim is to understand how learning emerges: on an individual level, on a group-cognition level, and at the community level.

The CSCL conference and the CSCL journal work together to advance the collective understanding of the community of researchers and practitioners. The journal organizes a symposium at each conference and publishes expanded versions of important conference presentations. We look forward to seeing you on the historic island of Rhodes.