Sunday, January 12, 2014

ijCSCL issue for March 2014

International  Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Volume 9 * Number 1 * March 2014

Analyzing the multidimensional construction of knowledge in diverse contexts
Gerry Stahl * Ulrike Cress * Nancy Law * Sten Ludvigsen

Beyond macro and micro: the dialectical potential of cultural historical activity theory for researching CSCL practices
Susan Timmis

Multi-player epistemic games: Guiding the enactment of classroom knowledge-building communities
Katerine Bielaczyc * John Ow

Fostering collective and individual learning through knowledge building
Ke Zhao * Carol K. K. Chan

Creation of pivotal knowledge during mass collaboration
Iassen Halatchliyski * Johannes Moskaliuk * Joachim Kimmerle * Ulrike Cress