Sunday, February 11, 2007

ijCSCL volume 2

The start of a second year of ijCSCL marks a significant step forward in the history of the CSCL research field. The journal is not just a venue for academic papers, but a medium of discourse about new directions and new understandings within an active community exhibiting diverse perspectives. Here is the Table of Contents of the first issue for 2007:

Welcome to the future: ijCSCL volume 2
Gerry Stahl & Friedrich Hesse

Community-based learning: The core competency of residential, research-based universities
Gerhard Fischer, Markus Rohde & Volker Wulf

Patterns as a paradigm for theory in community-based learning
John M.Carroll & Umer Farooq

A rating scheme for assessing the quality of CSCL processes
Anne Meier, Hans Spada & Nikol Rummel

Investigating patterns of interaction in networked learning and CSCL: A role for social network analysis
Maarten De Laat & Victor Lally

Barriers to online critical discourse
Liam Rourke & Heather Kanuka


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