Monday, June 12, 2006

ICLS 2006 conference June 27-July 1

The semi-annual International Conference of the Learning Sciences is coming soon. It promises to be a stimulating and important event. This conference alternates years with the CSCL conference, which will be held outside of New York City next summer.

There are a number of events at ICLS 2006 of direct relevance to the CSCL Community. Most importantly, there will be an open meeting of the CSCL Community early on June 30. This will be a first opportunity for the newly elected CSCL Committee of ISLS to meet together. This open meeting will include a brief meeting of the Editorial Board of ijCSCL, the International Journal of CSCL.

Among the events I am involved with are:
  • A data session workshop on analyzing interaction in chat -- all day on June 27. Please contact me if you have some chat data you would like the group data session to look at.
  • An interactive workshop on "Engaged Learning in Online Communities" the morning of June 28.
  • A discussion of deictic referencing in a chat environment with shared whiteboard. This paper has been extended in a journal version in the Journal of Educational Research special issue on cognitive tools.


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