Saturday, October 21, 2006

ijCSCL issue 4 -- completion of volume 1

The four articles in this issue can be read—among other ways—as studies of social practices in CSCL settings, although the papers were not written with this as their central concern. They illustrate that this theme can be investigated with a variety of methods, and begin to suggest the centrality of social practices to both individual and group cognition.

Social practices of computer-supported collaborative learning
Gerry Stahl & Friedrich Hesse

From dialogue to monologue and back: Middle spaces in computer-mediated learning
Noel Enyedy & Christopher M. Hoadley
Knowledge building in mathematics: Supporting collaborative learning in pattern problems
Joan Moss & Ruth Anne Beatty

Electronic (re)constitution of groups: Group dynamics from face-to-face to an online setting
Lynn Clouder, Jayne Dalley, Julian Hargreaves, Sally Parkes, Julie Sellars & Jane Toms

Consistent practices in artifact-mediated collaboration
Nathan Dwyer & Daniel D. Suthers


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