Saturday, October 21, 2006

Intro to CSCL chapter available in several languages

A chapter of the new Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences presents an historical perspective on the field of CSCL. It is written from the perspective of Gerry Stahl, Timothy Koschmann and Daniel D. Suthers, and argues for a focus on processes of meaning making in collaborative settings. While the whole Handbook is being translated into Chinese and Japanese, this chapter is already available online in English, Spanish, Portugese, German, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Stahl, G., Koschmann, T., & Suthers, D. (2006). Computer-supported collaborative learning: An historical perspective. In R. K. Sawyer (Ed.), Cambridge handbook of the learning sciences (pp. 409-426). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
Retrieved from in English, in simplified Chinese, in traditional Chinese, in Spanish, in Portuguese, in German.


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